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Time for new thinkers

The Golden Age for cultural policy is long gone, the most influential voices in cultural policymaking haven't changed for the last twenty-five years; neither has there been much movement in the cultural conversation. Recent research from Goldsmiths College showed that the arts are becoming pursuits of the middle classes. It’s for those that can afford to work for free in internships or those that already have connections and relationships to others in the sector to give them a leg-up. If you want to be an artist, good luck, you are in for a struggle in a space seeped in nepotism and managerialism.
As a result, the potential for arts and culture to contribute to all policy areas is overlooked. Arts and Culture have the ability to provide unique methodologies that can be relevant across all areas of policy. You only  need to look at RED, a Design Council initiative which has brought systems thinking and a design approach to areas of health, security, education with significant succes…

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